Brother and Sister reading a book for their portrait

“A fine work of art – music, dance, painting, story – has the power to silence the chatter in the mind and lift us to another place.” Robert McKee

Choosing a photographer for your memories is a big decision, and with very good reason! I  believe that fine portraits are some of the most precious keepsakes we own. They are memories we can hold onto, and that is priceless.

With each photographer comes a unique style, price, and vision. Every portrait is different, just as every photographer has different talents and skill to offer. So rather than telling you that we are the right studio for you, I will share my honest and true approach to fine portraiture. If we’re a good fit, that means much more to us than trying to convince you that we are the right studio for you!

When you invest in a portrait, you are investing in memories, in art to display on your walls and artistic talent that we have developed for over 35 years. You invest in  our time, so we can create your beautiful portrait, and work with you to plan all the details. Our promise to you:  to give you a memory that is priceless, a portrait all your own that cannot be duplicated.

Each portrait is a work of art, so let’s get going!

Smaller portraits to be displayed on a desk, start at $59 and up depending on the finish.

Wall portraits start at $295. and up also depending on the finish.  We have many finishes and styles for you to choose from.

We require a deposit of $250 at scheduling of the session.  That deposit includes the session fee for the portrait session (studio – $100   outdoor – $150  location -by quote) .  The deposit (minus the session fee) will apply to any order over $900.  The total deposit including the session fee will apply to orders over $1500.

Most orders require a 50 percent deposit, however, layaway is available and may be broken up into 3 or 4 smaller payments.  Portraits are available for pickup once final payment is made.

To learn more about pricing and size and finishes, please schedule your free planning session today!  Call 405.751.0004 or email kevin@whitakerimages.com


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