Welcome To Our New Website!!!

Welcome To Our New Website!!!

Welcome to our new website.  Finally!  Our brand new website is online and ready for you to explore.  I hope you will take a look and let us know what your think.  You will find many new photographs and a few favorites from sessions past.  You may even find one of your own beloved portraits on our new website.  Find it right here:  whitakerportrait.com

It has always been our goal to create portraits that stand the test of time.  Their beauty is timeless and can continue to be enjoyed in homes and offices whether they are a few weeks old or 25 years old.  Even jeans and a simple shirt can stand the test of time.

For this simple reason, we have always encouraged a portrait planning session either in person or by phone.  This simple planning session can make the difference between a good portrait and an amazing work of art.  Choosing clothing and props together makes all of the difference.

Most of the time, our clients find the clothing that is timeless and perfect for a portrait already hanging in their closet.  Sometimes our clients want to purchase something new and special to wear.  We can help with that too.  With our expertise and guidance, we can help make your portrait more than special – a keepsake that lasts for a lifetime and beyond.

Wildflower portraits are coming soon!  These special portraits have always been a favorite of our clients.  The sessions are limited as they usually begin the end of May and run through the end of July and sometimes into the first of August.  These sessions are limited and are first come first serve.  Contact us today to schedule yours.  You can call or text 405.751.0004 or email us at kevin@whitakerimages.com.

Thanks again for taking a look at our new website.  We welcome and encourage your comments.

God bless you!!!

Kevin and Carolyn Whitaker